Chakra Flow + Rest and Restore with Nianna

Chakra Flow and Rest and Restore

In this practice we will work with the body, mind, mantra and breath to balance the chakra system. Chakras are energetic wheels that are related to all functions in our bodymind complex and when these wheels are moving freely and unobstructed radiant health and wellbeing is the result. The work will be to remove any resistance, realign internal flow of Shakti, and awaken the places within that have been turned off. It is time to turn your life on, awaken and activate your power and utilize it for abundant health, mental clarity, delicate hormonal balance and yes, freedom!

Rest and Restore: Restorative Yoga for Mind Body and Soul

Put simply people need to pause. The current social climate is showing signs of people being Nianna DSC_6729depleted, anxious, fatigued, and out of balance. It is time to rest and restore. Let your nervous system relax and your adrenals stabilize. This workshop is the antidote to the stresses of modern life. And if you are lucky enough to be super chill this workshop will provide the perfect conditions for you to drift into bliss. All poses will be supine and fully supported by props. Delicious!

About Nianna

Nianna Bray is a prolific yogini, teacher, fire keeper and world traveler with a dedicated practice and Niannaextensive study in the art and discipline of yoga. As a catalyst for transformation she inspires her students to grow and empowers them to live their truth. Nianna’s eloquent yet fierce teaching is based on 17 years of experience with diverse methods, blessings from her root teachers, rigorous self-study, applied knowledge, courage, and spiritual wisdom. A natural traveler, movement artist and doula she was born at home in Santa Monica and grew from the roots of her home studio in Venice, California, Exhale Center for Sacred Movement. She now calls Brooklyn, New York home. Nianna is Co-Director at Away Inward, a global spirit and adventure retreat company whose aim is to support local communities and their sacred traditions through conscious tourism, collaboration with outreach programs and cultural spiritual immersions. She teaches and travels globally sharing her love and passion for yoga, transformation, life and humanity.